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Meet Cécile Michas, reflexologist at Secret de la Corniche

Foot reflexology to help you relax…

We met Cécile by chance and immediately fell in love with her, her philosophy of life and her desire to make you feel good through the treatments she gives during her consultations. Between two big toe massages, she shares her secrets to happiness.

Cécile, who are you?

I’m the mother of a 12-year-old boy, and I worked for a long time in the insurance sector before becoming a reflexologist. In fact, I’ve always been attracted to reflexology as a patient and I read a lot in bookshops to explore all the benefits. I also met some very inspiring people on the subject and exchanged a lot with them. At the age of 42, I decided to go back to school and enrolled at the Ecole Réflexo 33. These 16 months of enriching training have enabled me to perfect my skills and now offer complex reflexology sessions. I’m now doing something that makes sense, in which I feel fulfilled and which allows me to bring well-being and relaxation.

What is foot reflexology?

Reflexology is a manual technique that has been practised since ancient times, and has been reputed for thousands of years to have the ability to act on the whole body. It is a precise technique of acupressure on all the feet. This method is based on the existence of reflex zones on the feet, corresponding to an organ, a gland or a part of the body. By activating certain points simply by applying pressure, you can relax and act remotely on physical symptoms linked to stress, in order to improve their condition or revitalise them. My work will enable the body to regulate itself and achieve a state of balance called “homeostasis”.

How does a massage session work?

A reflexology session lasts an hour on average. During the first session, I carry out a detailed interview, during which we discuss the client’s motivations for having a reflexology session. I then carry out a diagnosis in order to adapt my therapeutic protocol. Sitting on the person’s feet, I begin my session with relaxing movements, then I perform certain manipulations, called “digitopression” or “acupressure” on specific points of the foot.

What effects can I expect from foot reflexology?

The benefits of foot reflexology are numerous, but we can classify them into 3 parts:

  • Deep physical and physiological relaxation, relieving stress and nervous tension;
  • Improved blood circulation and activation of the lymphatic system;
  • Harmonisation of the body’s vital functions.

Why did you choose to treat yourself at Le Secret de la Corniche?

Secret de la Corniche is first and foremost a meeting with Pamela and Denis, a very lovely project, but also a love affair with the site, which is marvellous, natural, and which allows you to disconnect and refocus on what’s essential as soon as you arrive.

Is there a secret spot in the region that inspires you and that you’d like us to discover?

The picturesque route de la Corniche, a lovely 10km walk along the Gironde estuary. I’m always amazed by these landscapes, troglodyte houses and cliffs. Nature is all the more beautiful in spring and autumn.

Prices for reflexology sessions

  • Adults: €55 for a session lasting around 1 hour.
  • Cure: 3 sessions 135€.
  • Children (under 14): €35 for a 45-minute session.
  • Cure: 3 sessions for children: €95.

Means of payment accepted: cheque, cash

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