Visuel blanc Secret de la Corniche

Tasting secrets with Aurélie from “Jours Fleurs”, tasting workshops & vineyard visits

At the gîte or on a wine estate in the Bordeaux region, discover the wonderful world of wine thanks to Aurélie’s knowledge. Meet a wine lover…

Aurélie, who are you?

I’ve been living in Bourg for the last 5 years. Born in Périgueux, in the Dordogne, I lived most of my life in Sarlat in the Périgord Noir. Today, I want to pass on the values of sharing and connecting with the terroir when I show people around the Bordeaux vineyards. I like human contact, simple things and properties on a human scale. My aim is to make each tasting a unique and special experience.

What is Jours Fleurs?

“Jours Fleurs” is a bit of a hybrid concept, somewhere between a mobile wine shop and wine tasting courses. I offer a range of introductory tasting courses for everyone, and above all I help people discover all the secrets of organic and biodynamic wines. Depending on the theme chosen, I adapt to the wishes of my clients. I can offer completely fun tastings (with board games) or a professional approach based on my knowledge of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust Global (WSET). I offer a range of options:

  • Introduction to wine tasting: 1h30 workshop – 6 wines (2 whites, 1 rosé, 3 reds) – 1 wine pairing board. 25 per person.
  • Local wine tasting: 1h30 workshop – 6 wines (3 whites, 3 reds) – 1 matching board. 25€ per person.
  • A la carte tasting: 2hrs workshop – 8 wines (4 whites, 4 reds) – 1 sweet and savoury pairing board. 40€ per person.
  • Biodynamic wine tasting: 2h00 workshop – 6 wines (3 whites, 3 reds) – 1 pairing board. Tasting follows the cycles of the moon. 45€ per person.
  • Tasting and foreign wines: 1h30 workshop – 6 wines (3 whites, 3 reds) – 1 pairing board. 30€ per person.
  • Spirits or beer tasting: 1h30 workshop – 1 matching board. 40 per person.
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Why did you choose to work with Le Secret de la Corniche in particular?

I wanted to work in partnership with Paméla and Denis because I think their project is brilliant. The place is magical and just what I was looking for in a place that’s a bit intimate and confidential.

Is there a secret spot in the region that inspires you and that you’d like us to discover?

The Corniche path in Gauriac, with the little blue house. I’ll be showing you this route during the “Wine by electric bike” excursions that I’m offering in partnership with the Bourg tourist office.

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